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Do You Want To Stop Having Panic Attacks Fast?

What is a Panic Attack?

Panic Attacks really are thoroughly unpleasant. The good thing to know is that you can stop having them and this can be fast!

It is quite common for those experiencing Panic Attacks to become really quite fearful and convinced that they must be seriously ill due to the severity of the physical symptoms. People can think that they are having a heart attack, or have a brain tumour, or that they can't breathe and all of this is very scary.

A Panic Attack is the name given to a collection of symptoms caused by your body's over reaction to fear. Your body becomes flooded with stress hormones and the symptoms listed opposite can occur incredibly quickly. Panic Attacks usually peak fairly quickly although it doesn't feel that quick when you are experiencing it.

Please be reassured that the symptoms always abate with time and you can make a complete recovery

Panic Attacks and Avoidance

Panic Attacks can be so frightening that people often become very fearful of having another one. The location of the first Panic Attack can easily become a place to fear and avoid in the worry that if you go to the supermarket/on the train/to the cinema .......that you will have another one. 

This fear of Panic Attacks can quickly lead to a vicious cycle of Panic Attack, then the fear of a Panic Attack causing further Panic Attacks and so on.

Fear of Panic Attacks which leads to avoidance of certain places is generally known as Agoraphobia ( commonly thought of as a fear of open spaces but it is actually a fear of fear).

How Can You Stop Panic Attacks?

The good news is that it is possible to stop Panic Attacks fast with the right intervention. Having experienced Panic Disorder myself many years ago you really can trust that I know exactly what I am talking about.

If you feel comfortable to experience Hypnosis then this is a great tool to manage heightened anxiety and Panic but sometimes clients are so caught up in a fear cycle that the new experience of Hypnosis itself is too frightening for them to allow. In these cases I use simple coaching techniques and you will feel totally safe and secure.

Contact me now to discuss how I can help you to STOP having Panic Attacks.

If you feel unable to travel to appointments I can offer home visits in the first instance. Call me to discuss this.

You can and will stop having Panic Attacks with my help.