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Would You Like a Fitter Body?

Most people will answer Yes to this question, I mean who doesn't want a fitter body?

When clients come to me for weight loss one of the first things that we do is look at the reasons for wanting this weight loss.

In general we are divided into two camps, those that want to lose weight and those that want to feel fitter. Now, you might think that this is the same thing and I agree that the two certainly fit together, however the important distinction is to look at what is motivating each individual.

If you are motivated by the idea of weight loss you may have already experienced the demoralisation of yo-yo dieting, the poor self esteem as you mentally beat yourself up for not being able to 'stick' to a diet..

The problem here is the focus on the loss of weight which is a negative thing. We will look at turning this around into a positive choice by considering the following - 

Why do you want to lose the weight? 

What are your short and long term goals in relation to your body weight?

How will your life improve when you weigh less?

If your motivation is a desire to get fitter but you seem unable to change your habits then we will examine the internal conflicts that result in this unhappy status quo.  We will consider the balance of pleasure and pain that is driving your decisions. For example, you want to feel fitter but you also really want the immediate pleasure offered by an extra half hour in bed rather than the 'pain' of getting up and going to the gym or for a walk. 

Does this sound familiar to you?

Do you want to take back control of your body?

Do you want to feel confident and secure in your body?

Do you want to enjoy food and feel in control of what you decide to eat?

Do you want to get off the treadmill of yo-yo dieting?

Do you want to be healthy? to feel healthy?

Do you want your body to be strong and beautiful?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions then please contact me now to discuss how coaching and hypnotherapy can help you.

A combination approach of gentle hypnosis and coaching techniques will give you back control over your own body and the choices that you make in relation to it.

I recommend a booking of at least 6 sessions which we space according to your individual needs.

What are you waiting for, make the call NOW and take control of your body, your fitness, your health and choose a brighter, healthier much lighter future

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