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5 Top Tips To Reduce Anxiety

Posted on 20 November, 2018 at 11:00 Comments comments (1)

5 Top Tips To Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety is generally quite an unpleasant thing to experience, I think most sufferers would agree with that.

One of the worse things about suffering from anxiety is that its very easy to slip into a vicious circle of ever increasing anxiety by worrying about the very fact that you are experiencing anxiety !

There are many ways to break the cycle of worrying thoughts but here I am listing the ones that I think work well for most.

  1. H.A.L.T  this means just stop for a minute and ask yourself, am I hungry, angry, lonley or tired? Any one of these can lead to anxiety and you may be able to easily and quickly stem the tide of anxious thoughts by addressing this.  
  2. Notice your breathing, is it shallow and 'high' in your chest? Take a little time to take three long and slow deep breaths, all the way down so that your abdomen moves when you breathe. Just three, thats all then change your focus
  3. Remind yourself that anxiety will pass eventually, it always has and it always will
  4. Know that you are not alone and reach out to someone for support whether thats a friend, family member, medical professional, telephone helpline or a social media support group - just reach out
  5. Distract yourself with an activity when you notice your anxious feelings. Immersing yourself in a funny movie, or doing a jigsaw, or some gardening or just going for a walk ...

Ok strictly speaking there are 9 tips as number one contains 4 but I'm not going to worry about it if you're not !