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To do or not to do !

Posted on 11 June, 2017 at 15:35 Comments comments (1)

How do you make the decision to take action ? 

Motivation seems to be one of those things that remains quite elusive to most people. Think of that ever growing list of things that you mean to do, that you think you 'should' do and even things that you think you want to do but somehow just don't get around to.

So many people say to me that they wish they were more motivated but what does this actually mean? Generally they are comparing themselves to an image of what they think they should be like and what they think they should be achieving. So much time wasted on procrastinating then feeling guilty about procrastinating and wishing to be different to who they actually are !

In the first instance I would say have a think about what drives you to do things when you do actually do them. We tend to roughly divide into two forms of motivation :

- either taking action to put distance between ourselves and something unpleaseant such as embarking on an exercise regime after a health scare or managing our paperwork after a missed deadline

- or taking action because we want to achieve a goal such as simply deciding to exercise because we want to feel fitter and perhaps reach a target such as run a marathon, or filing our paperwork regularly because we enjoy feeling in control of our personal admin.

Both forms of motivation are valid but it does help to consider which you are most driven by. If you are generally driven by responding to unwanted situations then why beat yourself up on a regular basis by thinking you 'should' do things in a different way ? The way you are is just fine, stop thinking about things you 'should' be doing and enjoy doing what you do.

It is possible to retrain your brain to lean towards a different form of motivation if that is what you want to do and coaching can really help with this. For many years I was predominantly motivated away from things I didnt like and in general this worked well for me. However I made a conscious decision to retrain myself to set goals and work towards them in a totally positive way rather than in a reactive way and now I tend to be predominantly goal driven by almost everything except personal admin !

The point is to know yourself, know what drives you and play to your strenghts without wasting time on procrastination guilt !